Only a week since the Beijing government loosened the “zero-COVID” policy, many citizens have been infected, and many funeral homes in Beijing are operating day and night. In addition, the cremation of remains must be planned for at least five days in advance. Experts point out that mistakes in the epidemic prevention policy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have led to the disease running rampant.

According to RFI, Michael Ryan, the head of WHO’s emergency management department, said that: “The explosive increase in cases in China is not due to the lifting of strict restrictions in the zero-COVID policy, the outbreak in China began before the policy was eased.”

Wang Jin, a Beijing resident, said on December 15 (first audio recording): “Two days before the lockdown, the square cabins in Beijing were fully packed. I heard on December 9 that the Big Square Cabin in Beijing had to drive everyone out, and in the end only a few hundred positive people were left to be treated there. Later, it was heard that square cabins in Beijing were turned into medical treatment places like Xiaotangshan town, and all the unvaccinated elders would be taken there for treatment.”

Recently, news about many deaths from COVID has continuously spread on social networks. At Beijing University, in just two months, 16 professors and staff died. An older man in Beijing had a fever and was in a coma. Family members checked with 120 emergency services to see if they could bring him to the hospital and learned that 30,000 people were waiting for emergency care. Finally, the older man died at home. Two days later, the morgue took him away. The morgues and funeral homes in Beijing are overcrowded.

Many media reported that the crematorium of the Babaoshan Funeral Home in Beijing was operating at full capacity. If cremation is required, an appointment must be made at least five days in advance. An online video shows many vehicles parked outside the Babaoshan Funeral House. According to the Beijing municipal website, there are 12 funeral homes and about 90 crematoriums in Beijing. They could handle more than 4,000 corpses every 24 hours if all were used.

Jonathan Liu, a professor of Chinese medicine at a Canadian public college, said that the CCP’s way of preventing the epidemic is to test nucleic acids daily. However, China does not have a vaccine nor imports foreign vaccines, that—coupled with mistakes in CCP policy, has caused the current turmoil.

He said (2nd audio recording): “Sinovac is an inactivated vaccine. The COVID virus strain has changed several times over the years. The inactivated vaccine is based on one of the viruses, like influenza, such as it can work on type A but not on type B. This problem exists with Sinovac. A laboratory in the United States tested this vaccine last year. The amount of antibodies generated by the vaccine from companies such as Pfizer, Johnson can reach more than 70-80%. However, antibodies the Sinovac vaccine can produce are only 10-20%. In general, the amount of antibodies has to reach the minimum of 30% for it to have a protective effect. So how can Sinovac vaccines, with only 10-20% antibodies, have a protective effect?.”

On December 14, Chinese media reported that a new strain of COVID called Omicron BQ.1 had appeared in China. This mutant infection has now occurred in nine provinces. Due to the strong transmissibility of the virus, the Chinese network has called the mutant strain BQ.1 a “hellhound.”

Professor Jonathan Luu said (2nd audio recording): “In the case of COVID, if you treat it with improper vaccines and medicines, it not only has no therapeutic effect, but it also promotes its mutation. So I am worried that the official Chinese media will encourage you to take a bag of medicine home, which is very irresponsible. Those children’s deaths may be due to acute liver damage. which is caused by the overuse of drugs.”

Sound of Hope reported Professor Liu’s suggestion that even if you test positive, don’t panic. Instead, drink plenty of water, rest, and take appropriate antipyretics. In North America, the Omicron variant is known as God’s vaccine. Although the human body, after infection, will have fever and muscle pain, it can trigger the body to produce natural antibodies.

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