On November 30, after the official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media reported the death of former party leader Jiang Zemin, the case attracted Chinese people’s attention at home and abroad. Intellectuals in China called him a traitor who ushered in an era of judicial vandalism and live organ harvesting.

After carefully studying Jiang Zemin and his policies, Han Lianchao, an expert on Chinese affairs, concluded that Jiang’s crimes were piled high, and he was corrupt and vulgar. So he began the CCP’s surveillance of society and crimes against humanity.

Sold more than 1 million square kilometers of territory

Wang (pseudonym) is a famous blogger in China who has worked within the CCP for many years and studied Marxism and the history of the CCP. Wang told The Epoch Times on November 30 that the leaders of the CCP are all traitors. The most obvious sign is that they disregard the life and death of people in China and splash their money abroad.

He said, “Jiang Zemin was very arrogant after becoming the leader of the CCP. He did many things that were detrimental to the country and the people. For example, he secretly signed an agreement with Russia, handing them territory Russia occupied in China.”

According to VOA, on December 9 and 10, 1999, Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin visited Beijing. He signed with Jiang Zemin a letter called “Protocol between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Russian Federation on the eastern and western regions of the border between China and Russia.” Thus Jiang Zemin betrayed his people, selling more than 386,000 sq. miles (1 million sq. km.) of valuable Chinese territory to Russia.

The “Letter of Protocol” completely negated the Sino-Russian border equality treaty—the “Nerchinsk Treaty,” which the Chinese called the “Aigun Treaty.” Chinese officers and soldiers fought bloody battles over it during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty.

NTD reported the “Letter of Protocol” also permanently assigned to Russia a large swath of territory once occupied by the Russian tsar that has not been signed. The area includes the Tannu Uriankhai area, which The United Nations approved as China’s territory in 1953. At the same time, it betrayed the “Aigun Treaty” that recognized the Jiangdong region, a group of Manchu villages located on the left bank of the Amur River, opposite the town of Heihe, in Heilongjiang province, which was Chinese territory. And since the Jin dynasty, it had been under Chinese administration, and the Kuril island assigned to China is also clearly defined in the “Treaty.”

There are several large pieces of land in northern China that Jiang Zemin has sold, including a portion of almost 232,000 sq. miles in the Waixing area, south of the Stanovoy Mountains; the remaining piece is over 154,000 sq. miles east of the Ussuri River. There is also the Tannu Uriankhai area (bordering regions of Russia and Mongolia), with an area of almost 66,000 sq. miles, and Sakhalin Island, with an area of 29,500 sq. miles.

According to The Epoch Times, this precious territory of over 386 million sq. miles is equivalent to the area of the three Northeast provinces (Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang) combined and tens times larger than Taiwan. Jiang Zemin also handed over the mouth of the Tumen River to Russia and sealed off the estuary of Northeast China, leading to the Sea of Japan.

The book “The nature of Jiang Zemin” points out that based on the “Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,” a thorough investigation of Jiang Zemin’s motives for signing the treaty and publicly declaring his crime is China’s only chance to reclaim its northern territory.

Persecuting religion, opening a ‘devil box’ for live organ harvesting

Wang said that Jiang Zemin’s brutal persecution of religions and Falun Gong and the “June 4” Massacre by Deng Xiaoping constituted crimes against the country.

He said, “The devil box was opened by capturing populations of people from faith groups and harvesting their organs alive. Currently, many university students go missing for unknown reasons, and the CCP doesn’t investigate. This society was so horrible, but he himself opened this devil box. I saw that when the CCP came to this world, every pore was left with dirty blood and crimes piled up.”

In Wang’s view, criminals are guaranteed fundamental rights, but Falun Gong practitioners have no rights. The illegal persecution has opened up an extremely evil and destructive situation. It has destroyed the Chinese judiciary, leading to this entire society being extremely terrorized.

He said, “When a society doesn’t regard human life as anything, that society is completely corrupted. I feel very worried and helpless in the face of this situation. This is anti-human, no doubt. If China can walk on the path of civilization, these people need to be punished, not being punished is unacceptable. Punishing evil is a prerequisite to society becoming normal, otherwise these people will die in vain, how can they pursue a righteous society?”

Wang believed that only when China returns to normal will it be able to lift the veil on the crime of live organ harvesting.

Expert: Criminal Jiang Zemin instigated total surveillance

After the CCP officially reported Jiang Zemin’s death, many people made more objective assessments from different angles.

Han Lianchao, a China expert and vice president of the Civil Force, a pro-Beijing political party based in a district in Hong Kong, tweeted: [Jiang Zemin is not worth remembering] Jiang Zemin has finally died. Some people think he was better than Xi Jinping. I have carefully studied Jiang’s nature and policies, and I think he was not a good person. He did a lot of evil, corrupt and vulgar things and pretended to be polite. He was the initiator of the CCP’s surveillance of the whole society, especially the bloody and brutal persecution of Falun Gong and other religions. He was a criminal who committed crimes against humanity.”

Murong Xuecun, an independent Chinese writer, tweeted: “The maintaining stability started in Jiang Zemin’s time, and the firewall began then. He persecuted religious figures and dissidents, and banned many books and movies. Many pregnant women have been forced to have abortions, many innocent people have been imprisoned in detention centers and labor camps, hundreds of millions of farmers are subjected to severe systemic discrimination, and Xi Jinping’s rise to power was also motivated by him single-handedly. I say, what’s there to be remembered about a person like that?”

Yi Fuxian, a professor at the University of Wisconsin in the United States and an expert on China’s demographic statistics, tweeted: “Jiang Zemin destroyed China’s population. He implemented the one-vote family planning veto system, which caused the birth rate to drop from 2.3 in 1990 to 1.22 in 2000 and enacted the family planning law in 2001. That laid the groundwork for the economic downturn in 2012 and the human long-term decline in demographics in the future. He also reformed the tax-sharing system, resulting in people’s disposable income accounting for only 44% of GDP. As a result, people no longer wanted to have children, and two children and three children policies all failed.”

A netizen commented: “Jiang Zemin did many horrible things … All the crimes are by his hand. He brutally suppressed the student movement on June 4, 1989 and Falun Gong, shooting rioters in Shanghai, organ harvesting, and corruption to the extreme.”

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