Li Qiang, who holds the second position in the Politburo Standing Committee, has replaced Premier Li Keqiang as the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Department to respond to the pandemic.

On December 25, the CCP held a conference on pandemic prevention. Li Qiang attended and delivered a speech.

This conference took place amid the Covid-19 strong outbreak, and China’s economy is in serious decline because CCP has pursued a zero-covid policy for the past three years.

Commentator Tang Jingyuan told Sound of Hope that Li Keqiang wanted a market economy, but this did not match Xi Jinping’s views.

Tang said that Xi wants Li Qiang to replace Li Keqiang soon to restore and build the Chinese economy in the direction that Xi wants.

Observers pointed out that Xi Jinping has a heavily left-leaning view. He wants the state economy to be the mainstay, the private economy to be secondary, and even only a tool for the CCP to develop its communist dream.

Tang said that it is difficult for the CCP to achieve its economic recovery goal because Xi Jinping really doesn’t understand economics and rejects the market economy. 

Economist Qin Peng shared with Sound of Hope that in order to do things in the CCP system, one has to follow the CCP’s way of doing things. Li Qiang is taking over a hot potato, and he will have to dance in the shackles of the CCP to handle this potato, so it’s very difficult to do well.

Tang Jingyuan added that CCP never reached zero-covid. It always lies to hide the truth. Now the pandemic in China is completely out of control, and it is in turmoil, a state of complete failure and decay.

Tang also said that Li Qiang is unlikely to improve the situation because Li again applies CCP’s method to overcoming problems. 

Looking back at what Li Qiang did as the party secretary of Shanghai during this city’s lockdown, according to Tang, it can be seen that the scientific way of thinking about political leadership is ingrained in him.

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