On June 30, Deng Yuwen, a writer in New Jersey, recently expressed his views on Shangbao. His article analyzed the upcoming Beidaihe Conference—the last gathering before the 20th National Congress—which is the last chance for anti-forces to take action against Xi Jinping.

The expert believes that when it comes to power, Xi Jinping only ranks behind Mao Zedong, and Li Keqiang is obviously not his opponent.

Not long ago, his close associate Wang Xiaohong took over as the minister of public security and the Political and Legal secretary. Wang’s level is provincial and ministerial, but his powers are higher than the President of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Procurator-General. Deng Yuwen stated that Xi had given him greater powers, and no one dared to oppose his move.

It shows that Xi’s control over the party has reached the point where it no longer needs to use methods such as anti-corruption to eliminate its rivals. The Beidaihe conference is an excellent opportunity for the opposing side to bargain, but the deal won’t be out of Xi’s control.

In addition, Deng Yuwen believed that only the top power within the CCP could stand against the Xi regime. On this point, Wang Dan, the leader of the June 4 Tiananmen Square Incident, has a different opinion. 

Although Wang Dan agrees that Xi’s re-election is likely, he also underlines that the elite group and civil society have the power to alter China. The CCP will become divided if grassroots protests express their discontent, which is expected. The probability of this happening in China in the future is very high.

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