Night job: collecting waste oil to make gutter oil

Gutter oil is recycled waste oil, which comes with poorer quality and poses significant health risks for those who consume it. However, in China, many people still use this oil to save costs and increase income in business, regardless of the health problems it can cause.

Many leaked videos show people collecting waste oil from the sewer hole at night.

Footage shows two men were busy with the work of collecting waste oil. Locals noticed it and warned them not to do it anymore. But one man dismissed him right away and said, “this is not your business, you shouldn’t care.” He continued with his task and then left.

 Cameras record 360°, no dead angle on China’s street

The camera system on the street plays an important role in security, helping authorities monitor, prevent and assist in criminal investigations.

However, in China, people tend to feel overcontrolled by the so-called ‘Big Brother.’

Residents’ leaked footage shows a road in China with more than 20 cameras lining up, shooting from all angles. The purpose of this layout is unclear, but it surprises everyone because of government spending.

Yunnan: ‘Little Pink’ accuses two sculptures of insulting China

Recently, one ‘Little Pink,’ a term used to refer to young Chinese nationalists commenting online, was angry because of two “obese” sculptures in the cultural tourism neighborhood in Dali, Yunnan.

According to Sohu, the “Little Pink” said that he is a native of Dali, and the sculpture is located in a real estate development project. He points out these two sculptures show the image of Japanese “sumo” with slanted eyes. He thinks it is insulting China.

The Cultural Tourism District responded that the two statues are private art collections and have nothing to do with Japanese culture, but they are willing to look into the matter.[ video]

U.K. parliament closes its TikTok account

According to the Guardian, the U.K. parliament’s TikTok account has been closed after MPs expressed concerns about data security.

The objections were led by a group of MPs sanctioned by Beijing for speaking out against alleged human rights abuses.

A UK Parliament spokesman said: “Based on Member feedback, we are closing the pilot U.K. Parliament TikTok account earlier than we had planned.”

 He added, “The account was a pilot initiative while we tested the platform as a way of reaching younger audiences with relevant content about Parliament.”

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, one of those sanctioned, supports the decision. He said, “We need to start talking to people about not using TikTok.”

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