Chinese netizens are questioning Shanghai’s authority about its latest Covid easing order, proving that reality is not what it seems to be.

Shanghai has been going through a lockdown for two months. Earlier this week, Shanghai Deputy Mayor Chen Tong announced that from Monday, May 16, the city would be gradually opened. It would promote the resumption of business and market in stages.

However, Shanghai netizens have posted videos of the opposite reality. In a video posted Twitter account “iPaul,” some workers set up more iron plates to form a wall. The wall allegedly separates different Covid prevention areas in Shanghai.

The cameraman approached the workers, asking who ordered them to do this. But what he got in response was only a request to go home.

Weibo netizens are also discussing this topic. Some mockingly ask whether the National Anti-Fraud Center could handle the Shanghai Information Office. They said that it’d been more than two months since they lied to them.

One netizen complained that everyone had been deceived.

One said that the lockdown had not been opened. And takeaways are still not allowed.

Another asks the authority to remove the iron sheets sealing the community’s gate, the surrounding area, and the road.

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