The South China Morning Post reported that Lu Ke, the Chinese national who made controversial racist videos of Malawian children, has been arrested in Zambia.

Malawi immigration spokesman said on Monday, “He was arrested in Chipata, Zambia after fleeing the country through uncharted routes.” 

The Malawian police spokesman told reporters they wanted him to stand trial in Malawi. The spokesman added that the Malawian government would seek Lu’s extradition.

Lu Ke was accused of producing racist videos of young African children singing and speaking racist, exploitative phrases in Mandarin.

Lu Ke filmed a group of African children repeating Mandarin phrases, praising the Chinese, making fun of the poor, and chanting racist phrases. In one of the videos, the children say, “I’m a black monster” and “My IQ is low”, without knowing what they were saying.

In “Racism for Sale,” a new BBC Africa Eye documentary, Lu Ke said he did at least one of these videos but denied making racist videos. He said he did so to introduce Chinese culture to the local community.

According to the BBC, Lu Ke paid each child about 50 cents per clip, allowing him to record hundreds of short videos. He then sold them at a price of up to 70 dollars per video to a Chinese website, giving him about 75,300 dollars across social media sales.

Last week, the Chinese Embassy in Malawi said that China “has zero-tolerance for racism,” stressing it “has been cracking down on unlawful online acts in the past years and will continue to do so.”

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