Due to the economic crisis and the strict “zero-COVID policy,” China’s exports of mobile phones have dropped sharply. According to a study, Chinese mobile phone shipments dropped 21.1% in the first three quarters compared to the same time last year.

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology recently released a report on the mobile phone market. Accordingly, in September, domestic mobile phone sales dropped 2.4% to over 20.9 million. Also, 34 new mobile phone models were released, which is 41.4% less than the same month last year. This includes 15 5G mobile phones, a decrease of 37.5% compared to last year.

From January to September, the number of mobile phones shipped in mainland China fell by 21.1%, to 196 million units. The 5G mobile phones figure among this is 153 million, which is a drop of 16.4%.

Also from January to September, 305 new phone models came out. This is 13.8% less than the same time last year.

This October, the Foxconn Zhengzhou factory – the world’s largest iPhone factory in China with 200,000 workers – had a COVID outbreak and was put into lockdown. Protests erupted en masse at the factory. Because of this, delivery time of Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Pro has been greatly delayed.

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