On August 13, a discovery that mocked the “horror” of China’s large-scale PCR tests went viral on the internet and attracted public attention.

A netizen named “pkunetspy” posted on Weibo on August 13 that China has conducted more than 11.6 billion PCR tests and found only 230,000 infected people, which is scarier than “cannon shoot mosquitoes.” This post has now been deleted, and here is a screenshot shared by netizens.

The official media of the Chinese Communist Party previously reported that, as of April 16, China’s PCR testing capacity reached 51.65 million tubes per day.

The report also said that China currently has 13,100 medical institutions with testing capabilities; nearly 150,000 technicians are participating in the PCR testing; a total of 37 PCR reagents have been approved, and about 12 million people can be tested per day in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, and Tianjin.

Some netizens said in one thread that nucleic acid testing has been turned into a big business by the CCP.

Sound Of Hope quoted another netizen as saying that another great thing about this business is that it will not create any beneficial value to society and people, except for a very small number of people.

Some people said that the zero COVID policy and PCR testing have developed into a political movement in mainland China.

Sound Of Hope cited some simple calculations done by a few netizens:

Shenzhen has 10 million people per day, 5 yuan each time, 200 days, 10 billion yuan, 2 billion times.”

“The 11.6 billion estimate is a conservative estimate. It’s not the real data! Real data is definitely a bigger number! Some employees in the courier company revealed that they have to do PCR tests every day or they won’t be able to work! There are many courier companies that are ruled by the evil CCP. … So 11.6 billion must be a conservative estimate. The actual data should be more than this!”

“China has a population of 1.4 billion, 10 times the population is 14 billion, and large cities with dense populations are tested almost every day. So in total, there are more than 20 billion in the whole country.”

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