After the national congress, news of a celebrity migration from mainland society spread widely. Their reputations make their moving create a specific influence on Chinese culture. Public opinion is that they are not optimistic about China’s prospects under CCP rule, and their departure is likely to lead to the fourth wave of immigration since the CCP’s Cultural Revolution.

The professional basketball star Yao Ming, who used to play for the Houston Rockets of the NBA and is currently the chairman of the China Basketball Association, transferred all his Shanghai Bilibili shares in 2017. He recently sold all his assets in his hometown and settled in Houston, in the U.S., with his family.

Similar to Yao Ming, the Chinese immigration information service platform “Hai Yai” reported on catching dancer Jin Xing in New York in August of this year.

Another celebrity, Le Jia, posted photos of his life in the U.S. using his U.S. IP address on August 4, 2022. Li Gia is a guest on China’s hottest dating show, “If You Are the One.”

In addition, Feng Xiaogang and Xu Fan also made moves to prove the couple’s intention to immigrate to the U.S., such as spending a long time living in Los Angeles and deleting their Weibo accounts. Feng Xiaogang said he wanted to spend time traveling abroad with his daughter.

Famous director Zhang Yimou’s wife also confirmed rumors of selling the Wuxi villa for $8.35 million (61 million yuan), but she denied settling in the U.S. 

The Weibo authentication number “Xinhai Immigration” listed some stars who have previously obtained foreign or Hong Kong citizenship, such as,

Jet Li (Singapore), Chen Kaige (The U.S.), Jiang Dawei (Canada), Lang Lang, Zhang Ziyi, Tang Wei, Hu Jun, Sun Li, Deng Chao, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Liu Xuan, Qin Hailu, and many other stars have become Hong Kong residents through the “Excellent Talent Program.”

Henley & Partners has estimated that by 2022, around 10,000 Chinese billionaires will leave, and a total of $48 billion will be withdrawn from China. As a result, China will be the second largest country in the world in terms of personnel losses after Russia.

According to public information, during the CCP’s 40 years of “reform and opening up,” there have been four three major waves of migration.

The first wave of migration occurred in the late 1970s as leader Deng Xiaoping encouraged the study abroad movement.

The second came from highly skilled workers and talented technologists who escaped from the country after the 1989 CCP massacre. This wave lasted until after the 1990s.

The third wave of immigration occurred after 2008 with the green card policy to invest in the U.S.

So far, the total number of Chinese living around the world is about 70 million.

On December 22, 2020, the book “China International Migration Report 2020,” compiled by Globalization Think Tank (CCG) and Southwest University of Economics and Finance, showed that China had become the third largest immigrant country in the world. Over 10.7 million people immigrated to destinations such as the United States, Korea, Japan, Canada, etc.

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