CCTV on October 10 reported that recently, the State Administration of Market Regulation of China conducted a random inspection. During the inspection, a number of pieces of women’s clothing manufactured by Shenzhen Anruoyi E-Commerce Company were found to have a carcinogenic aromatic amine dye called “benzidine” that seriously exceeded the standard. 

The test engineer said that the measured carcinogen of this product was as high as 540 mg/kg, which is 27 times higher than the standard, which means that the carcinogenic dye has a high concentration and poses a higher risk to human health.

The investigation also found that harmful components of dyes synthesized from carcinogenic aromatic amines are absorbed by the skin during long-term exposure to the human body. It decomposes under special conditions to produce more than 20 different types of carcinogenic aromatic amines.

After this substance is absorbed, it will change a person’s DNA structure. It can damage and create malignant tumors, leading to malignant diseases such as bladder cancer, ureteral cancer, kidney or pelvic cancer.

In addition to the enterprise mentioned above, a denim vest manufactured by Dongguan Manbang E-Commerce Company was also found to have a carcinogenic aromatic amine dye content that also exceeded the standard value, up to 30 mg/kg.

According to the report, the results of random testing of casual clothing products sold online, a total of 246 batches of quality products, accounting for more than 80% of the product. The remaining 58 batches of unqualified products, accounted for 19.2%. The items are unqualified regarding color fastness, pH value, and the degradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.

According to online news Beiwan, Shenzhen Anruoyi E-Commerce was established in 2014. It operates mainly in wholesale field, listed with unusual business activities due to not having a clear registered office or business location. The company was delisted on April 26, 2022.

Then, The Paper published an article saying that in recent years, with the prosperity of the female consumer market and the general pursuit of women’s fashion aesthetic, the market demand for women’s clothing continued to rise. When a consumer buys a garment that has too many carcinogens and wears it, it causes health problems.

It is also important to realize that it is extremely dangerous to detect too many carcinogens in clothing, as consumers buying a garment with too many carcinogens and wearing it will accumulate health problems.Over time, these effects are slow and imperceptible, and even victims and their families have no way of knowing who is responsible. Buying this type of clothing can cause the wearer to get cancer without even knowing the cause.

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