A British non-governmental organization on May 17 revealed that the British government indirectly funded the Chinese regime’s crackdown in Xinjiang.

The British NGO ‘Freedom from Torture report pointed out that the London Police College (LPC) cooperates with eight Chinese police Academies. Many of these institutions are involved in implementing Beijing’s high-pressure policy toward Xinjiang. Ironically, this company also receives British government funds to provide the training.

The London Police College (LPC) is a private company that provides international police training linked to the British government. Former senior British police officers are among the organization’s founders and teachers.

Around the world, the atrocities in Xinjiang have been widely denounced. The British government has spoken up about human rights breaches while shaking hands with the torturing authorities.

According to the report, the British Council provided ‘Freedom from Torture’ damming information in July 2021. They found that a grant of 88,000 dollars from UK taxpayers for the LPC-led project was made for a five-year academic collaboration in response to a Freedom of Information request. The British Council stated that the project would run from 2019 to 2023 for Hunan and Shanghai Police Academies.

Rashima Mahmut, a human rights activist and “Stop Uighur Genocide” director, expressed shock and disappointment at the report’s content.

According to RFA, Rashima said there was an increasing number of reports of Chinese regime human rights breaches in Xinjiang in recent years, including the employment of severe measures against Uighurs such as mass incarceration, sexual assault, and forced sterilization.

She added that together with the judgment of the Uighur Court in London, the British Parliament has ruled that China committed genocide in Xinjiang. She said the logic behind the British government’s continued funding of British-Chinese police cooperation is confusing.

Dili Shati, the World Uighur Congress spokesperson, on April 27, 2021, told the RFA that the Chinese police are direct participants and enforcers of Beijing’s genocide agenda.

Providing training to police to suppress Uighurs in any manner is a public acknowledgment and condonation of the Chinese regime’s genocide strategy.

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