President Biden made his harshest criticism against the Chinese Communist Party on Tuesday, May 3, when he blamed China for trying to interfere in negotiations over a U.S.Congress China competition bill.

The House’s China competition bill was passed in February. According to CNN, through the bill, the U.S. would counter China’s growing economic influence by investing in manufacturing and scientific research.

The measure would address some pressing issues facing the Biden administration, including the shortage of semiconductor chips and supply chain disruptions.

It is also designed to counter China’s state-directed economic policies, giving U.S. businesses a competitive edge.

U.S. Senate passed a similar bill last June with bipartisan support. Now, lawmakers in both chambers must work to reconcile their different versions.

However, Bloomberg reported that the Chinese Embassy in Washington has been meeting with the US administration officials, congressional offices, think tanks and companies, citing people familiar with the meetings. They seek to gather information about the status of the bill and what provisions are likely to make it to the president’s desk.

The US administration officials and many of the congressional offices have all declined the requests.

Biden made the accusation against China during a tour of a Lockheed Martin Corp. plant in Alabama. He was making the case for passage of the bill.

He said, quote, “Fundamentally, this is a national security issue. This is one of the reasons why the Chinese Communist Party is lobbying folks to oppose this bill.”

Biden added, quote, “It’s an issue that unites Democrats and Republicans. So, let’s get it done.”

According to Bloomberg, Biden’s remarks were the most critical yet of the Chinese Communist Party.

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