A Chinese Chritian family in Liaoning province is calling for help on Twitter. According to the letter uploaded multiple times on the platform, they accused the local authorities of terrorizing their families with electromagnetic waves. They hope that other Christians and people will help report the situation to the Church Headquarters and expose the evil deeds of the Chinese police. They put their address in the Twitter account’s name, which reads, “SOS! Unit 1, Building 53, Kangning Street, Tiedong District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China 15641297309.”

The Christian family accused the Anshan City’s Security Bureau and the Dongchangdian Police Station of harassing them by using high radio frequency waves for a long time. The letter reads, “The reason is only that my children spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ online, condemn the evil deeds of corrupt bureaucrats and police.”

When they reported the abuse to the Dongchandian Police Station, the police responded as they wrote, “The emission (excessive grammar rays, hard X-rays, and high-frequency microwaves) into your home was ordered by the Ministry of Public Security, and the purpose is to kill your whole family!”

In a video posted on Twitter, when a family member accused the neighbor woman who lived on the 2nd floor of illegally dispensing dangerous electromagnetic waves, she responded,

“The Communist Party sent me here, go to the Communist Party.” [0:04 – 0:06]

“Did the Communist Party tell you to put out electromagnetic waves to harm people?” [0:07 – 0:09]

“Right. You go to the Communist Party.” [0:09 – 0:11]

The video continues with footage showing the victim using an instrument to detect excessive radiation levels in his house, along with photos of multiple alleged perpetrators. 

When the victim’s family moved to another area, they continued to be abused by the neighborhood.

“Who sent you here?” Who is your boss?” [1:04 – 1:06] 

“My boss is the communist party.” [1:07]

In the letter calling for help, the victim wrote, “My children and I (both Christians) were irradiated by them to have nausea, a lot of body hair loss, multiple teeth to lose, a lot of bleeding from the mouth, muscle swelling, pain, spasms, body aging rapidly and other radiation diseases, the above complaints are video as proof! Their methods of religious persecution against our Christians are extremely vicious and heinous!”

Over the years, some Chinese citizens have accused the CCP of using “brain control” gadgets and other high-tech measures to harass them and their families, devastating their lives.

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, Liu Yuan, then Political Commissar of the General Logistics Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, attended the two-session meeting in Beijing in March 2014. When asked by the media whether the authorities were conducting a “brain control” program, Liu Yuan said, “Brain control is our secret project and we do not wish to comment further.”

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