Visa application centers of multiple countries have been closed recently in Beijing over COVID-19 direction. That includes those of England, Canada, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and other nations.

According to VFS Global, a firm that provides real-time information on application centers offering visa services, the British Visa Application Center in Beijing would be closed starting May 23 until further notice.

Those who apply for student visas have also received the following notice. People may still visit other visa centers to make an appointment to submit a visa application.

The U.K. has also suspended priority and super-priority visa services for new study, work, and family visa applications.

China visa centers for Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa also said they would close buildings and services from May 23 onward.

Canada and Italy, on the other hand, already closed offices since May 9. According to Chinese media Apollo News, Canada, in particular, has also scheduled to stop operating its visa office in Shanghai on May 28.

Meanwhile, Italy would continue to close its other centers in Xi’an 西安, Shenyang 沈阳, Jinan 济南, and Wuhan 武汉. It is unclear when they were first closed.

No resumption date has been specified for either office. But all cited orders were received from the Beijing COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command.

As Bloomberg updated on May 26, the pandemic in Beijing has only intensified despite a handful of measures in place, including work-from-home orders for most districts in the capital.

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