The Epoch Times reported that Beijing started applying a new railway law on July 01. Under the new law, any personal belongings that can be potentially used as weapons are prohibited. 

Beijing has enforced strict railway regulations for fifty years. For example, passengers can only carry up to two lighters, up to two small boxes of matches, and a knife no longer than 2 inches.

However, the new-released rules are even stricter than the previous ones. 

People are now forbidden to carry more than 50ml of self-defense pepper spray on their person.

In addition, Beijing also does not allow passengers to bring onboard “checked-in luggage.” They have to pay for this “checked-in luggage,” and this luggage may be transported on a different train. Passengers must check at their destination station to find out when their luggage might arrive.

The newly-issued law also lists more tools and equipment banned on trains. Many farming tools, artists’ tools, and even sports equipment are included on the list, such as baseball bats, pool cues, hockey sticks, and golf clubs. 

For daily-use products, passengers can only carry up to 100 ml of perfume, cologne, or hair gel, up to 50 ml of nail polish or polish remover, and only up to 150 ml of cold perm, hair dye, mousse, hair spray, insecticide, and air freshener.

Furthermore, a more-than-100 watt-per-hour lithium battery is prohibited on a train. 

 Citing experts’ comments, the Epoch Times reported that Beijing’s new railways’ regulations aim to prevent residents from bringing weapons on long-distance travel to avoid violence on trains.

 Li Ang, a China affairs commentator, told Radio Free Asia (RFA) on June 24, “The social grievances [in China] can turn into turmoil at any time.” 

According to the paper, Beijing’s zero-Covid policy has forced people to stay in their homes for months, resulting in increasing restlessness, anxiety, and frustration. Two recent incidents have demonstrated this. 

On June 24, six young adults beat an older man on a street in Taiyuan city in Shanxi Province. The battered man ended up with broken bones. 

Previously, Tangshan city, Hebei Province, witnessed a brutal assault on June 10, catching the attention of worldwide media. A group of men viciously attacked a woman in a restaurant after the woman turned down a man’s advances. 

According to Li, the social grievances in China are increasing. Then, he supposed that Beijing might step up stricter social control measures in the future.

Li told RFA, “At some point in the future, the regime might not allow villagers to leave their villages and residents to leave their residential compounds as the methods to control people.”

Meanwhile, Bi Xin, a current affairs commentator, supposed that the new rules will be of limited use because reducing tools and other items will not prevent brawls. 

Bi further argued that social contradictions should be resolved through policies and regulations rather than repeatedly prohibiting instruments and tools. 

According to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Daily website’s report, the police at Shenzhen Railway Station imposed an administrative penalty of five days in detention on a passenger named Zhou. The reason? They detected a toy artillery gun in his luggage. 

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