Weibo-certified blogger Wang Tianxiaotianwang, living in Shanghai on May 11, posted on her Weibo account that the police had come to her house and taken her away. A while later, she posted again saying everything was fine and told others not to worry.

Her singular updates sparked online attention as she is also the owner of a comedy piece about life under Shanghai lockdown called Alison fake news. Her video was reuploaded to YouTube on May 12.

The video featured the blogger as a reporter named Alison interviewing a Shanghai resident, Dawnie Wong, also played by her.

Throughout the video, Dawnie Wong constantly repeated that they were happy living in the lockdown and that the government was taking good care of the residents. She told viewers to stay positive and that Shanghai is great.

But the interviewees could not hide the hurdles they faced while living in the lockdown. That includes trying to get necessities via group buying, the quality of the supplies they receive from the authorities, and the constant testing rounds.

The topics echoed those rampant on the internet as Shanghainese undergo the closure that has been prolonged for more than a month with no end in sight.

The video stopped as Dawnie said she was going to the quarantine center despite testing negative. This bore resemblances to a recent viral video when hazmat suits enforcers told residents that they needed to go to the isolation center because their neighbor had tested positive.

According to China Digital Times, the police ordered the blogger to remove her video on Weibo and YouTube.

On her Youtube channel, a fan asked why she deleted her video; the blogger replied, “Hiding those from public for a bit since I still live here guys. I have to keep me and my family safe.”

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