A few days ago in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, a woman was forced to kneel for not wearing a mask, causing heated debate on social networks.

In a second incident, on November 21, a video circulated on the internet of a man going out to buy medicine. He was accused of violating pandemic prevention regulations and was forced to kneel by a group of law enforcement officers, making netizens extremely angry and condemning this as a repeat of the “I can’t breathe” incident in the U.S.

SCMP reported some netizens believed that the location of the incident was in a residential area in Shaanxi province. A two-minute video shows a masked man wearing a black suit surrounded by many uniformed and plainclothes anti-pandemic officers, asking him to face the wall for them to check him. The man in black explained: “I’m really in need of medication.”

One of the anti-pandemic officers—who was wearing a blue jacket, ignored the man’s explanation and loudly reprimanded him, saying: “I warn you for the first time, put your hands on the wall. I warn you the second time; otherwise, I will take coercive measures.” During this time, the officer repeatedly asked the man to stand in the correct posture.

In the video, it can be seen that the man in the blue jacket used his legs to push the victim’s legs away and then examined his body. The officer shoved him to the ground, shouting, “Kneel, kneel.”

Then, the anti-epidemic officer knelt on the victim’s back and said: “Did you listen? Why did you go out today and violate pandemic prevention regulations?”

The victim groaned in pain: “My arm … my arm hurts..” The man in military uniform next to him intervened, but the man in blue said, “it’s okay,” and continued to kneel on the victim’s back.

According to the report, the video went viral on social platforms on November 21 but was quickly deleted.

According to SCMP, witnessing the incident, some netizens angrily said, “After watching this scene, who can breathe a sigh of relief, except for the demons.”

“Treat people like animals in the name of pandemic prevention.”

Some netizens also mentioned the “I can’t breathe” incident in the U.S., mocking: “I really underestimate China, their coercive posture is more professional than in the U.S.”

“Looks like I’ll have to arm myself when I go out in the future.”

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