According to a report from Dajiyuan China, on April 8th, 2022, Mu Jiangang, a teacher at Lanzhou University, suffered a sudden heart attack. The hospital found that his heart had been infarcted in a large area, and he needed a heart transplant.

On May 6th, Mu Jiangang was transferred to Wuhan Union Hospital, China’s top organ transplant hospital. At the same time, he was placed on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Mu Jiangang got a suitable donor heart four days later and completed the transplant.

Not only is the short waiting time unusual, but a patient can obtain multiple organ sources simultaneously.

On June 12th, 2020, a 24-year-old female patient, Sun Lingling, was admitted to Wuhan Union Hospital (the same hospital as the patient mentioned above). Within 13 days, the hospital found four suitable heart sources she could choose.

The first heart was delivered to the hospital on June 16th, but the doctor in charge of the operation believed that the heart’s coronary artery was in poor condition. Therefore, this heart was abandoned later.

The second heart was ready on June 19th, but the patient Sun Lingling had a fever, and her physical condition was unsuitable for a heart transplant that day. The second was abandoned.

On June 25th, there were two suitable hearts to choose from simultaneously. At that time, Sun Lingling’s condition improved significantly. The surgeon finally decided on a 33-year-old man’s heart. The other heart belonged to a local woman. It was given up because the doctor worried it wasn’t strong enough.

The official CCP media first reported the above two cases. The two patients were using their real names and identities.

As of the last day of August, 83 senior CCP medical officials have been fired since the beginning of 2022. These people have different roles and positions, including medical management units, clinical hospitals at the grassroots level, and local supervision departments.

These include Committee Brain Defense Director Chao Baohua, former dean of the First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University Wang Binquan; Director of the Beijing Food and Drug Administration Zhang Zhikuan; and former dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University Zhou Jin; and so on.

An analytical article in the “Cambridge Quarterly Journal of Medical Ethics” published by Cambridge University Press on July 28th this year stated that China had violated the criteria for determining brain death. The article, “Cases of abuse of the definition of brain death in organ procurement in China” reviewed some official Chinese publications describing organ harvesting methods. It concluded that some organ donors did not have brain or heart death when their organs were removed. The article said, “These heart-beating donors are not organ donors who have a beating heart but are brain-dead.” It also wrote, “In these cases, the ‘donor organs’ are most likely obtained from living people and ‘donors’ killed by medical professionals through organ transplants.’”

The waiting period for a heart transplant is 180 days to several years in the United States. While in China, the waiting time is only a few weeks or even a few days to complete the organ pairing and enter the surgical stage.During Jiang Zemin’s reign, the Falun Gong group was systematically persecuted. The black organ transplantation chain, or the so-called transplanting tourism industry, expanded globally. The CCP’s medical system directly participated in and executed live organ harvesting. The Falun Gong group alleged that Falun Gong practitioners detained in China were the primary victims. By 2012, after the current leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, came to power, fierce infighting broke out with Jiang Zemin’s faction. The medical system controlled by the Jiang Faction has continued to fall in recent years.

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