Daqing city, Heilongjiang province, China, has been locked down for a month, and starving people protested en mass before they finally could go shopping 2 hours a day for the whole family. Recently, more than 100 residents and volunteers in the Jingyuan community of Daqing City suffered from collective food poisoning while eating lunch boxes. Still, pandemic prevention staff stopped them from going to the hospital. 

According to figures reported on the official website of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, the number of local COVID cases in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province has continued to rise in the past few days. For six consecutive days to September 20, Daqing had 38 new cases. However, official public data is for reference only, and the outside world often questions its authenticity.

The outbreak in Daqing began on August 20, with three positive cases. Since then, the number of new cases in Daqing has increased slowly every day. The virus that broke out initially in Daqing was the Omicron strain BA.5.2.

According to data reported on the official website of Changzhou, as of 5 p.m. on September 20, there were 11 high-risk areas and 43 medium-risk areas in Daqing city. According to official Chinese regime regulations, residents in high-risk areas must stay at home, and residents in medium-risk areas are not allowed to leave the community area.

Starving Daqing residents permitted to shop for 2 hours a day after protesting

News channel Zaiyeshuo posted a video on September 20 showing, “Daqing City has been closed for a month, and the residents who have no food are extremely angry.”

In the video, many residents are standing outside, some shouting about residents only being allowed to go shopping for two hours after the mass protest.

One man said as he walked, “I haven’t been out here in over 20 days!.” The man wanted to go to the ATM but found the bank closed, and the ATM had no money. [2:18]

Another man said that Daqing had been locked down for 30 days, and it was unknown when the city lockdown would end.

On this issue, many netizens commented and were cited by Vision Times as follows:

  • “Getting out of prison for two hours is a luxury. It’s like being released from prison.”
  • “It will be the same in 30 years from now, people but treated like dogs.”
  • “You can only go out for two hours, and a quick queue takes almost two hours.”
  • “Back in the Great Cultural Revolution era, there’s no way out! It’s amazing! The government exploits the people.”
  • “China’s Giant Prison.”

Food poisoning, but prevented from going to hospital

A video posted by Twitter account @TragedyInChina on September 16 states that more than 100 residents and volunteers in the Jingyuan and Daqing communities were poisoned from eating a collective lunch. They wanted to go to the hospital but were stopped by the epidemic prevention staff, although they could lose their lives.

In the video, in front of the gate of a pandemic-suspected residential area, a man points at a woman wearing a protective suit and says: “You won’t let us out? I told you all these residents got food poisoning after eating boxed rice!”

On September 16, a group chat posted on the Internet said,

  • “Residents and volunteers in the Jingyuan community have been food-poisoned.”
  • “More than 100 people need to be taken to the hospital.”
  • “Lunch boxes delivered by the Xihua restaurant.”
  • “It is worth mentioning that when people were being taken to the hospital, the female anti-epidemic worker did not let them go, saying that they couldn’t go, and dying in the community is okay.”

People in the “Jingyuan Community Neighborhood Committee” said after discussing: “The volunteers were taken to the hospital because of food poisoning, their vehicle had negative PCR certificates. However, the female anti-epidemic worker in the Jingyuan north gate asked why didn’t the residents and volunteers just die in the community. Because of the pandemic, even food poisoning couldn’t help us go out. They really want to let us die in the community.”

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