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WWII veteran gets nearly 800 cards on her 100th birthday

Inspired Stories 11/15/21, 02:30

Claudia Cantu, a World War II veteran in Texas, was 100 years old on Oct. 30. She got almost 800 cards for her birthday instead of 100 as expected. "We have opened every single one and read almost every single one. We're not finished yet," Cantu's daughter, Christine Magill, revealed. Magill told Fox ...

Stunned angler catches rare bright-yellow catfish

Inspired Stories 11/11/21, 16:10

A German fisherman's catch of the day could at first be mistaken for a giant banana. Duisburg angler Martin Glatz recently caught a magnificent and very rare "mandarin catfish." He made the catch while fishing in a lake with his twin brother in the Netherlands. "At first, I was expecting a big ...

Horse gives late owner a ‘last kiss’ goodbye at funeral

Inspired Stories 11/08/21, 16:19

A West Virginian horse loved his recently deceased owner so much that he bid a very special farewell. Major was caught on camera farewelling his owner with a "last kiss." A photo that went viral on social media shows the animal's head leaning above the casket. He seemingly licks the corpse's ...