The effect of music on shaping the soul

Culture 08/16/19, 06:00

Music is a reflection on the essence of life, and when carrying the universal values ​​of the universe and of nature, music can become the best treatment for societies "mental diseases."

The ‘primitive’ but healthy lifestyle of the Amish people

Culture 08/14/19, 12:38

In the early 18th century, there was a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss German Anabaptist origins, who migrated to settle in Pennsylvania in the United States. Today they are known as the Amish.  They lead a very simple life, wear plain homemade clothes, and are reluctant to adopt ...

The strangest auction in history

Culture 08/12/19, 08:59

The item for auction was nothing special, just an ordinary portrait from an unknown artist, who happened to be a former soldier. Nobody wanted to buy it except an old man... There was once a collector who had great passion for famous paintings. He was willing to work as much as ...

How traditional marriage was ruined by the sex revolution

Culture 08/10/19, 10:37

Marriage is considered as a strong bond between a man and a woman from which, the couple starts a new life—a new family. This concept of a typical family was quite popular in America before the 1950s. But nowadays, looking at the people around you: friends, relatives, colleagues ... you ...

Where Jesus walked… now unearthed

Culture 08/07/19, 10:30

Archeologists have been working virtually non-stop to excavate the city of Bethsaida, the small fishing village mentioned in the New Testament since the late 1980s. The recent discovery of the “Church of the Apostles,” a 1,400-year-old structure that was said to be the home of Peter and Andrew, the first ...

The day a child emperor overcame a powerful general

Culture 07/26/19, 09:52

It is quite evident that the murder of Hamlet's father was only the beginning of the prince's tragedy. Controlled by his emotions and blinded by a desire for blood and revenge, Hamlet did not have enough clear-sightedness to bring his uncle to justice and ended up destroying his entire royal ...

Chinese medicine and its relationship to ecology

Culture 07/24/19, 06:41

Imbued with Daoism and Buddhism, traditional Chinese medicine sees the human body as a system that operates in line with the universe around it. Fed by the five climates of Heaven and the five elements of the Earth, man is entirely part of nature. Not only are you a part of ...

Do you believe that President Trump is the choice of the Lord?

Culture 07/23/19, 06:11

It is often said that President Trump was selected by God to be the incoming United States President. This philosophy correlates strangely with a prophecy set out by Mark Taylor back in 2011, the so-called “Trump prophecy." One day, in 2011, while watching an interview with the then-popular businessman Donald J. ...

The road to success is often paved with hardship…

Culture 07/23/19, 06:06

For Mark Hutchinson, the path of developing Bamboozle into one of Australia’s most respected suppliers and installers of timber & bamboo flooring did not involve only business development but also the harsh tempering of his will and the perfection of his character.

The never-heard story of a sacred event on the Moon

Culture 07/17/19, 21:22

On Tuesday morning, when Apollo 11’s astronauts—Aldrin and Collins—returned to the exact location from where they flew to the moon 50 years ago, the spiritual event that happened on that unforgettable day remained vivid in their minds, especially for Aldrin.

Do you want your family to succeed? Just have a little faith

Culture 07/17/19, 20:42

In the year 1900, the American scholar Albert Edward Winship conducted a study entitled “Jukes-Edwards: A Study in Education and Heredity”, involving two families. The family of Jonathan Edwards were staunch followers of Christianity; Jukes, the head of the second household, was an atheist.

The real story of the swastika

Culture 07/15/19, 10:44

The swastika is, to this day, taboo for many in the West, because it is associated with Nazism and invokes the memory of the Holocaust. While Hitler was in power, any investigation into its authentic meaning and history was forbidden, and those who dared to reveal them were persecuted and ...

Anger is rising in America. The Stoics taught how to keep your cool

Culture 07/13/19, 22:08

According to the latest NPR-IBM Watson Health poll, “42% of those polled said they were angrier in the past year.” Most of us think we are better than average. We believe others are getting even angrier than we are: “Some 84% of people surveyed said Americans are angrier today compared with ...

Epic poetry and civilization

Culture 07/12/19, 11:48

Epics and verse are not the result of hazard, but rather of a group that has developed a moral code and a sophisticated culture.  There exist diverse types of epic poetry around the world, but they typically revolve around the origins of the Gods; their teachings and the work of creating ...

Rich but unconscious

Culture 07/11/19, 19:11

A long time ago, a poor man visited his relatives, who treated him with generosity and kindness. He fell asleep in his seat after enjoying a giant dinner complete of food and drink. It was almost time for the host to leave and he sewed an invaluable pearl on the man's clothes ...