Happiness is knowing that you have enough

Culture 11/07/19, 12:48

For humans, the pursuit of happiness is a seemingly innate part of our nature, but for the most part, the needs of many are not fully met. Sometimes, a fleeting sentiment of happiness can be obtained at the expense of material possession but these endeavors are often met with physical ...

Kindness Boomerang – The message that will change the world

Culture 11/02/19, 11:37

Using the message “Because kindness keeps the world afloat,” a special video titled Kindness Boomerang (Kindness comes back) has reached millions of people around the world, enabling every single one of us to experience and understand that kindness possesses a superpower that inspires, spreads around, and comes back to us. Have ...

What makes a truly great man?

Culture 10/30/19, 05:45

Guan Yu (160 – 220 AD) from the Three Kingdom era has been one of the most venerated characters of Chinese history. He was not the smartest or the best warrior of his time, let alone in the 5,000 years of Chinese history. Why is he so revered? The famous Chinese ...

Like a Fairy Tale

Art 10/19/19, 10:26

Half Caucasian and half Chinese, dancer Yi Li grew up on a farm in southern Germany. Horseback riding, fairytales, and sports filled her childhood. Then one day after seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts, her mother suggested she try dancing, setting in motion a magical new life.

The beauty and hidden charm of Chinese folding fans

Art 10/17/19, 11:21

Once regarded as a symbol of imperial power in Chinese history, folding fans have slowly emerged from being a possession exclusive to the royal family to becoming a common item during the Mid-Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At that time, folding fans were an indispensable accessory for the scholar-official community, also known ...

How forgiveness can shape our lives for the better

Culture 10/16/19, 10:54

Jonathan Lockwood Huie, known as the "Philosopher of happiness," once said: "Forgive others – not for the sake of those who have hurt you, but because you deserve peace.”  When you let go of your emotions and forgive others, your mind opens up instead of being stuck on resenting who has ...

Dante’s Divine Comedy

Art 10/15/19, 11:30

Divided into three parts – Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso – the lengthly epic poem traces the journey of Dante, who is both the author and the main character of the trilogy, from the darkness and terror of hell to purgatory and on to the revelation of the divine light of ...

Politician chooses loyalty until last minute

Culture 10/10/19, 06:19

Loyalty was a common virtue in ancient China, but hardly anyone reached the extent of the official in the story below. Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283 A.D.) was a Chinese poet and politician in the last years of the Southern Song Dynasty. He is a well-known symbol of patriotism and uprightness for protecting ...

How was the song ‘Happy birthday to you’ produced?

Culture 10/07/19, 10:26

The song "Happy Birthday to you" has become an iconic masterpiece, ranked by the Guinness Book of Records as the most recognized song in the English language and translated into at least twenty languages. However, at its birth, the song was not sung at birthday parties and the authors of ...

Shen Yun reclaims humanity’s lost heritage

Culture 10/05/19, 10:26

I have watched the Shen Yun Performing Arts performances in both Taiwan and America and often found audiences leaving the show in tears of joy, excitement, amazement, and thrill. Many shared in the interviews that their hearts were uplifted, their bodies refreshed and energized and their minds purified.

Communism sowed the seeds for the sexual liberation movement in the West

Culture 10/02/19, 10:12

It is widely but mistakenly understood that the sexual liberation movement in its early days had the ultimate aim of fighting for and obtaining women’s emancipation. That belief is, in fact, incorrect since a completely different story lies behind the popularity of this movement. In the 60s, the sexual liberation movement ...

Why did the ancient Chinese emperors have so many women at their side?

Culture 10/01/19, 10:07

According to historical records, each Chinese emperor had a substantial number of concubines. Were they merely there for the satisfaction of the emperor's lust or were they there for another purpose?  The RULE of Selecting an Heir to the Throne. In imperial China, after ascending to the throne, an Emperor was expected ...

Do you believe in guardian angel?

Culture 09/28/19, 05:10

When Diane was walking home alone on that alley that night, what happened next was beyond her wildest dream. Diane is a young university student. One day, she went to a party but she ended up staying longer than planned and had to walk home alone. But she wasn’t afraid because ...