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Joe Biden would eliminate millions of US jobs with his economic policy

U.S. 10/22/20, 15:50

The implementation of the economic policy proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would mean the disappearance of up to 2 million jobs, a study reveals. In particular, the impact of Joe Biden's promise to double the value of the hour worked from $7.50 to $15 would make millions of jobs ...

Labor statistics reveal unemployment higher in Democratic-administered states

U.S. 10/20/20, 20:19

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for September show that states run by Democrats have higher unemployment than those run by Republicans, the Daily Caller reported. The Bureau's table shows that the first nine states with the highest unemployment are run by Democrats. These are the following: Hawaii: 15.1%. Nevada: 12.6%. California: ...

Trump could suspend social media protections if censorship persists

U.S. 10/16/20, 15:26

During a rally held in Greenville, North Carolina, President Donald Trump criticized the big technology companies because of censorship, so he suggested stripping the technology giants of their protections in section 230. As indicated by the One America News (OAN), such legislation effectively protects platforms such as Twitter and Facebook from ...