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The collapse of Huawei: dozens of countries have already joined the Trump Administration’s “Clean Network” project

U.S. 10/27/20, 18:03

Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, and Kosovo have just joined the "Clean Network" project promoted by the Trump Administration. The initiative, which is already supported by dozens of nations, could represent a lethal blow to the Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei. "With the triple signing of 5G security MOUs [memorandum of understanding], Bulgaria, North ...

Joe Biden would eliminate millions of US jobs with his economic policy

U.S. 10/22/20, 15:50

The implementation of the economic policy proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would mean the disappearance of up to 2 million jobs, a study reveals. In particular, the impact of Joe Biden's promise to double the value of the hour worked from $7.50 to $15 would make millions of jobs ...